English-Italian Translation. Proofreading & Editing.
MT Post-Editing. Revision of Italian texts.

A good translation makes your life and work easier.
You don’t have to worry about errors, misunderstandings or holdups.
You can rely on me to enjoy a smooth and satisfying service.


Marketing your products or services to the Italian market and communicating with your Italian clients is easier if you have a native Italian translator at your side.

Leaving your personal or business documents in the hands of a certified Italian translator is always a wise idea, if you want to preserve your reputation and prevent any misconducts.
Partnering with a professional translator for all your future English-Italian projects benefits both your job and your clients.
I’ve been helping businesses and private clients reach their goals for almost a decade. I can help you do the same.
Using my skill set and up-to-date C.A.T. (Computer-Aided Translation) software, you will enjoy a flawless translation and can focus on what matters most to you.



Tidying up your texts is what I do best.

Careless mistakes are common, but can sometimes be catastrophic for your reputation. Even something as minor as a misspelled word could crush your credibility, have a negative impact on your clients’ perception of you and your business and cost you sales.
As a native Italian speaker with a sharp eye for details, I will proofread your translated material to check for spelling, grammar and typing mistakes, and ensure that your text is consistently formatted and ready for use or publication.


Sometimes you may have a text which has already been translated into Italian and want it to be checked for correctness and appropriateness.

I can edit your material to remove mistakes and inconsistencies, and adjust fluency and style to enhance its readability and improve its overall quality in Italian.
If necessary, I can also rephrase or rewrite your content to better suit your purpose and make it more appealing to your target customer in order to trigger the response you hope for.

MT Post-Editing 2[2]

MT post-editing

Machine translation (MT) has made massive improvements recently, especially with the contribution of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Machine translation is sometimes used to speed up turnaround times, but it is only suitable for texts which are quite simple and repetitive (e.g. instruction manuals) or if you just want to understand the gist of a given document. It is not recommended for specialized or marketing texts, whose need for accuracy and correctness requires a professional human translation.
When you decide to use MT for your documents, be aware that data privacy and intellectual property may be affected because, whenever you enter your text into an MT engine, your data are stored and used to improve the output quality of future translations.
You can use MT if you’re not concerned about privacy or intellectual property issues, provided that your text is suitable for being machine-translated. But if you want to be sure that all meaning is correct and that your document is ready to be used or published, then MT Post Editing is the service you need.
As a trained language professional, I will check and edit your MT output to correct omissions as well as errors in spelling, structure, context, and usage.
With my help, your translation will look and sound as if it was written directly in Italian, which is something a machine translation cannot promise.

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