I used Marina to translate some important documents from Italian to English. She was very easy to communicate with and to work with. The documents look exactly as the originals did but are translated beautifully into English. Marina's prices are reasonable. She is also flexible as I contacted her regarding translation but needed to wait a couple of weeks before actually going ahead with the transaction. I would highly recommend Marina as a translator and I would be happy to use her services again.

Karli W. – U.S.A.

I am writing to recommend Marina for translation services. I am an American educator working and residing in Italy. I needed a document translated very quickly from Italian to English for immigration purposes. Upon my request made through her website, she contacted me very quickly with a clear outline of the nature of service, cost, and delivery. Her professionalism was extremely evident and I would recommend her to anyone needing translation services.

Aaron N. – New York, U.S.A.
American Teacher in Italy

Since 2019, Ms. Marina Montalbano has worked as a translator with my company. Her main responsibilities have been to translate vital records (birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, divorce records, etc.) from English to Italian, for use at Italian Consulates around the world. Over this time, Ms. Montalbano has not only provided timely and attentive services to our clients but she has also consistently excelled with regard to quality, easily establishing herself amongst the most talented translators we work with. Both her passion and her incredible talent shine through the work that she does, and I have been impressed by her ability to deliver excellent translations under tight deadlines with precision and efficiency. I therefore strongly recommend Ms. Montalbano for all of your translation needs and thank her for her commitment to delivering exceptional work to our clients.

Emily D. – Colorado, U.S.A.
Business Owner

Marina is incredibly professional and a joy to work with. She responded quickly to my request and delivered the piece of work accurately and in good time. She has great attention to detail and perfect written English. I look forward to working with Marina again in the future.

Miranda F. – U.K.
Partner Success at HotelMap

I highly recommend Marina for translation work and obtaining translated official certified copies of legal documents. I entrusted Marina with a sensitive commission to translate an official document required for an important application in Italy. She worked closely with me and we obtained the certified translated copy certificate within a short period of time. I was very impressed with Marina's professionalism and without hesitation would recommend anyone to contact Marina for translation work.

Iain R. – U.K.
Chartered Surveyor

Our company contacted Marina for the translation of a document regarding our Data Protection policies, which is a very delicate and controversial matter. She immediately reassured us about her competence in the field and definitely met our requests and expectations, delivering even before the set deadline. Marina provided us with the finished translation as well as the revised source document, with her annotations and comments. She proved to be very professional, reliable, and also highly responsive, which is a plus considering the difficult times we are all going through. We really recommend her services to anyone wanting the job to be done as accurately and thoroughly as possible.

Carla O. – Italy
Commercial Department Executive - Sicily by Car S.p.A.

Marina did a great job within my law firm. She is highly skilled in translation and editing and she is an extremely versatile professional. She enriches the working environment with her strong personality and her ability to motivate her coworkers. I am amazed at her constant search for new challenges that require her full commitment and I am sure she will have plenty of satisfaction in her career.

Calogero B. – Italy
Managing Partner of an international law firm

Marina translated for me some birth, marriage, and death certificates and naturalisation documents. This helped enormously with my applications for Italian citizenship. Communication was very easy and prompt, both on the phone and by email. Working with Marina was a pleasure. Her translation work was both accurate and promptly executed. I am very grateful for all the assistance she has given me in my application for Italian citizenship.

Tony B. – U.K.

Marina provided required translation of all my documents for Italian dual citizenship application. Having the documents translated by Marina, who is an Italian language translation expert, gives me confidence that the translations will not be questioned when I go for my appointment with the consulate office in the US. Marina also provided legal certification and tax stamps on my behalf in Italy. Her English is superb and she was always very responsive to any questions or clarifications I emailed to her. It was also extremely helpful for her to work in tandem with the legal office that was handling my case. This prevented any miscommunication that could have otherwise occurred and potentially wasted valuable time. I highly recommend Marina for any translation services needed. Not only is she efficient and professional, but she is also an extremely pleasant person to have as a partner in this tedious and often times frustrating citizenship application process.

Elena D. – California, U.S.A.
Human Resources Executive

Marina contributed to the Translations Office with her skills in translating texts from English to Italian and vice versa for websites, brochures, scientific publications, research and results of EU-funded projects. She is an excellent professional and worked in team during her experience within our organisation. Also, her human and professional skills were highly appreciated.

Dario F. – Italy
Office manager and Translators recruiter - CESIE
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